Symptoms of sleep deprivation

Common symptoms of sleep deprivation include:                                   

purple ball   tiredness
purple ball   irritability, edginess
purple ball   inability to tolerate stress
purple ball   problems with concentration and memory
purple ball   behavioral, learning or social problems
purple ball   frequent infections
purple ball   blurred vision
purple ball   vague discomfort
purple ball   alterations in appetite
purple ball   activity intolerance

yellow flowerIt must be noted that many of these symptoms can be related to disabling conditions. This overlap of symptoms may make it difficult to determine if they are caused by sleep deprivation or the disability.

Some suggestions to help you determine the cause of your sleep deprivation include talking to your health care provider, and keeping a log (that contains signs and symptoms, situations affecting your sleep, medications, diet, etc.). Remember to take the log with you when you discuss your sleep problems with your health care provider.