Welcome to the Undergraduate Nursing Senate’s website!

What is the Undergraduate
Nursing Senate?

The Undergraduate Nursing Senate (UNS):

  • Is an on-campus organization: composed of Villanova undergraduate student nurses and nursing faculty moderators.
  • Promotes interaction among students, faculty, and administration.

  • Organizes major activities which involve the undergraduate nursing community.

  • Provides a communication network among students, faculty, and administration in the College of Nursing.

ALL nursing students are members of the Undergraduate Nursing Senate (UNS). 

The Executive Committee of the UNS is moderated by full-time faculty member, Rose O'Driscoll, MSN, RN, Assistant Dean for Administration and Assistant Professor. 

All student members of the Committee are elected by the undergraduate student body and must be in good academic standing. The Executive Committee is represented below:

2009-2010 Officers


Keri Nagel
Tara Duggin


Jennifer Hoang


Amanda Peterpaul

Publicity Chairperson         

Megan Copel

Career Day Chairperson     

Jennifer Hoang

Blood Drive Chairperson     

Elizabeth DiDomenico

Fundraising Chairperson    

Hillary Dutton


This year take a more active role in your UNS membership!

"God provides the wind, but man must raise the sails."  St. Augustine 

  • Check your email regularly for meeting information and event details.

  • Come to the monthly meetings and represent your class.

  • Volunteer for various UNS events throughout the semester.

  • Voice your opinions and present ideas about nursing or the School of Nursing at Villanova University.

  • Partake in the website polls.

  • Join one of the several UNS committee teams.

  • Spread the word about UNS and encourage your peers to get involved.

Thank you for visiting the Villanova Undergraduate Nursing Senate’s official website.

If you have any comments or suggestions about this website, please write them in the space provided below or please email UNS Vice President, Jennifer Hoang.

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